Miticide Green: Might Beats Mite

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"We suffered a perfect storm of heat, drought and mite infestation last year. Miticide Green saved the season. We used it all the way to final bloom and passed all residue testing. After so many seasons of fighting mites, this proved to be a product that lived up to its reputation. Thanks." -Michael H.

"“The Miticide Green formulation demonstrated a consistent and dependable control of all hatched mites, aphids, and thrips when applied correctly. Third-party laboratory testing of showed no identifiable pesticide residue even when applications were made several days before harvest in our research trials." -Dr. Thomas Handwerker, Professor of Horticulture Maryland University 2011 - 2016; Chief Scientist MannaWell LLC, responsible for industry sponsored research 2016 to present. - Please contact us for a copy of the full report.