Miticide Green Guide For Best Results

Mix ONLY with distilled, reverse osmosis or deionized water. Tap or well water may have chlorine or minerals that will weaken or destroy the organic compounds in Miticide Green.

ADD One ounce of Miticide Green to One Gallon of Water. Using more may risk phyto-toxicity.

Use a clean mixing tank.

Do NOT mix with products that contain bleach, ammonia or alcohol. Always read labels.

For best results apply every three days if mites are present for at least seven applications. Apply only once a week as a preventative measure. Apply diluted product until runoff. Apply at sunrise or sunset.

It is always appropriate to run a small test in your growing environment or strains to guarantee plant compatibility. Miticide Green can be used on flowing plants but exhibit greater sensitivity when applied in direct sunlight.

Do NOT freeze.

Do NOT store in direct sun light.

Do NOT allow to heat to exceed 140°F. The enclosed cabin of a truck or car in summer sun in direct sunlight will exceed this temperature.

This product is 100% nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and will not stain. You may clean equipment with water.

This product will not harm the environment.